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  • The most valuable asset of any company or organization is the people themselves from top to bottom and one end to the other.
  • The investment that pays by far the greatest return is improving the productivity of managers and employees.
  • The greatest losses suffered by organizations come from the failure to maximize productivity and effectively address issues involving employees.
  • Employees do not fail first because of lack of skills training; they fail because of the lack of motivation to master the skills.
  • Leader and employee effectiveness ultimately comes from the inside out - by first helping address character.
  • Companies generally don't fall short of potential or even fail due to outside forces; they collapse from within, inside the hearts and minds of leaders and employees.


Ronnie Worsham - President of Worsham Strategic Resources, Inc.

Ronnie Worsham, President of Worsham Strategic Resources, Inc., has over 35 years of experience developing leaders and improving employee performance in companies and organizations of all kinds.

Ronnie holds a Bachelor in Chemistry degree and Masters in both Behavioral Studies and Business Administration. He also has studied extensively in philosophy and religion. A specialist in all things to do with people!

He hits where it hurts and helps the most!


Worsham Strategic Resources Blog

Taking the Time to Make Even More Time

Ronnie Worsham - October 25, 2012

There is an old adage that says something like, “If you want something done, ask a busy person.  Nobody else will have time.”  This is certainly a truism, and it is sometimes a curse to the truly productive, active people...

Internal Change

Ronnie Worsham - June 5, 2012

Most people go through life trying to change the others and the world around them to make it work better for them. In reality most of us are fairly powerless to significantly change much about who and what is around...
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Essential Traits of Effective Leaders
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Keys to Time Management
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Motivation: The Power Behind All Accomplishment
There are two kinds of energy in terms of motivation—positive and negative.  Now for those that know a little physics, you know that is not the way energy is actually defined and described in physical sciences.  But physics does recognize...
Effective Teamwork
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Building a Fertile Work Culture for Maximum Productivity
My wife and I have built five houses in four different states.  I have lived in five states and in about 15 different houses for varying lengths of time.  Most of the moves came in my early years.  I’m much...