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About Us

Ronnie Worsham is the owner, president, principal, executive mentor and coach, although if and when needed additional assistance is available. Ronnie has been a lifelong learner with extensive education and experience. He holds a Bachelor in Chemistry degree and Masters in both Behavioral Studies and Business Administration. And also has studied extensively in philosophy and religion. He is a specialist in all things to do with people. He has long had parallel careers in business and in ministry. As well, having led an innovative, nondenominational church for many years. These parallel careers have literally given him a vast warehouse of knowledge about people from a bedroom to the boardroom.

Ronnie is himself a businessman, has not only established and run his own consulting firm, but he also is a partner in TAP Outdoor in Colorado and Street Media Texas. He has served in such capacities as the general manager of Allied Machine in southern Oklahoma, he drove a school bus when he was a senior in high school, and he has worked in a government research lab and published research. He brings a storehouse of knowledge and experience that can help employees and leaders alike throughout organizations. There are plenty of people who can bear testimony to his effectiveness.