Our goals are your goals!

Our Approach

We believe in developing leaders and employees from the ground up and from the inside out. We believe that effective employee development is often one of the greatest and most important investments for any business. However, it is often sadly one of the most neglected. Granted much training is boring and irrelevant.

However, Worsham Strategic Resources works on a no-pay or money-back guarantee, with some qualifications in particular situations. Our service agreements, both one-time sessions, and long-term relationships are one-sided in the client’s favor. We will deliver what we have committed to, when and how. You can cancel whenever you want. We don’t want to be there if you don’t want us there. It should, however, be noted that in over 20 years no one has ever exercised this right and to our knowledge, no one was ever dissatisfied or felt cheated with our work. Period. We use a variety of training and assistance techniques depending on needs and goals to deliver in an effective, interesting, and relevant way.

All people and businesses share many things in common, and yet all people and businesses are very unique. We do not use a cookie-cutter approach or a one-size-fits-all formula from a book. We take the time to understand your specific challenges, needs, and goals and partner to develop an approach to address them and thus drive up productivity. And we believe productivity is not about working longer and harder. In fact, good productivity practices generally reduce stress, balance workload, and decrease time spent, all while improving motivation, morale and job satisfaction.

The average American worker wastes hours each day in idleness and/or in relatively unproductive tasks. By simply increasing true productivity by only 30-45 minutes a day, a full month of productive work can be added to a workers work-year. Training twelve workers can effectively add another employee at no cost! The average American manager is unnecessarily interrupted on average around five to ten times per hour each day. By learning to manage unnecessary interruptions, a manager can easily accomplish in one hour without interruptions the equivalent work of three to four hours with interruptions, and thus add up to three hours of additional productivity to each day! This adds months to a work year for leaders.

The most neglected area of training in American industry, and thus one of the greatest opportunities for improvement, is with supervisors. Most supervisors are promoted from the operations ranks into management roles. Generally with no management experience and usually with minimal to no training whatsoever. Supervisors are the front-line managers of companies and so their inadequacies are most costly. Being magnified through the subpar performances of those they are trusted to lead. Just marginal improvements in supervisor’s effectiveness can yield huge returns on investment.

Clearly, our approach is in improving leader and employee productivity is a great competitive opportunity as America tries to again gain an advantage in the new global marketplace. Worsham Strategic Resources likes to build long-term relationships with a few key clients. However, we realize that we will first need to win your trust and confidence. And that we will work to do if and when we are given an opportunity to show you what we can do for your business or organization. Ronnie Worsham will gladly set a time to come meet with you to learn about your goals and needs and to share further how we might partner with you in addressing them.