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John Von Runnen, CEO, Deyo Group, Wylie, Texas

“Ronnie Worsham has spent his life developing leaders. His approach to helping companies be their best is direct and effective and always begins with the individuals who make up the company. I’ve watched him countless times work with people to help them realize potential that they themselves didn’t know was in them. He is a craftsman for the soul; helping people in all environments, from work environments to religious and social environments, become their very best. I’ve seen it happen in others, and I’ve experienced it in my own life. If you want to see real change in the people of your company, or organization, this guy can make it happen!”

John C. Reap, President and CEO (Retired), Town North Bank, N. A. , Dallas, Texas

“Ronnie’s guidance and direction to me and my direct reports was invaluable. He served us as a form of executive coach. He dealt with many varied difficult personnel matters and did so with professionalism and grace. His integrity and “read” of people truly stood out.”

Gary Young, CEO, StreetMediaGroup, Fort Collins, Colorado

“I have utilized Worsham Strategic Resources over several years in our Denver and Las Vegas offices. Each group session has been most helpful and effective for building camaraderie and inspiring the kind of teamwork essential for success in our business. Ronnie has also served as a mentor for me personally as well as with others on my staff. He has also made himself available to my staff outside of work time to assist with difficult personal circumstances. I would highly recommend his services to any firm or organization needing to sort through personnel issues, strategic planning, management training and development, and motivating staff. His services are well worth it!”

Randa O’Conner, President, Pinnacle Leadership Academy

“Ronnie Worsham is the reason my company is still alive and thriving today. His customized approach and coaching are so unique and effective. In certain situations, I have referred my own clients to him knowing he will be far more successful at getting the results they desire than I could. I depend on him to keep me focused and motivated both professionally and personally. There isn’t another human being that delivers the same compassion and dedication to their clients.”

Douglas Myers, CEO/Bank Executive

“Ronnie Worsham understands people and human behavior better than any consultant or businessman that I know. His expertise and input have been priceless in helping various organizations I have led in developing teams and teamwork, enhancing leadership skills, increasing productivity, improving communication and overall strategic planning. He is great at working with people at all levels in an organization and he is brilliant at combining his educational expertise with real-world common sense. People immediately trust Ronnie Worsham and he always makes the learning experience fun.”

Chris Ribera, Director of Organizational Development, Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma

“Ronnie is someone that I not only consider a friend but also a mentor. When I was first venturing into the Training and OD world, he was there providing sound guidance and knowledge every step of the way. His coaching greatly aided me in attaining the necessary proficiency to be able to perform my job to the highest standards. He would often produce more than I asked for and would work harder and longer than required to ensure satisfaction. I would recommend him as a coach, business development consultant or training professional to anyone interested in improving their organization.”

Other Comments From Workshop Participants:

“Thanks. I thought it was very beneficial and I did take away more than just a few things from the mini-seminar. I would LOVE to have the opportunity to attend more programs Ronnie offers. He was a very motivational and inspiring speaker who definitely related to us in terms we could appreciate, understand, and utilize.”

“I found it very helpful. I believe any workshops offered for both personal and job-related are effective and valuable. I look forward to attending any additional workshops offered. Thank you for providing the workshop to the employees.”

“Thank you for having him come to speak today. I’m saying that with full sincerity. I really took to heart what he had to say and look forward to applying that to my daily life. I ask God all the time to help me walk in a better path that is more suited for me so I really did enjoy hearing what he had to say.”

“I discussed the workshop with my husband last night. We have both worked for large companies (Target, Office Depot, Kmart) over the years. In our experience, workshops and seminars were task and skill-focused and more of a what you’re doing wrong or can do better angle. While those can have their purpose, never before have either of us experienced a workshop about the person as a whole. I told him how Ronnie discussed how to be a more productive person at home, at work and in life. Work and life arent separate; all aspects of a person’s life are co-mingled and therefore impact each other. Time management, efficiency and productivity are important in all aspects of our lives. We were both delightfully surprised that a company would care enough about their team to share this message. I just wanted to thank you, not just for the workshop but for the attitude and environment. You certainly practice what you preach.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed Mr. Worshams workshop. From my own personal experiences, I needed to hear some of what he had to say about productively balancing the stress of daily life, whether applying it to work or being a single parent. It was all very insightful. And honestly, I was dreading it before I went. Now, I would love to take part in more of his workshops! I hope we will get that opportunity! Thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of it this time!”

“Thank you for providing such a wonderful meeting. Ronnie is an inspirational man. I took several lessons from him and would love to implement his teachings into my daily life. I think him coming by for monthly, semi-monthly meeting would help hold everyone accountable. The only suggestion I have is that EVERYONE should be required to attend. The meeting did not only help you individually but as a team. Thank you again for providing such a wonderful lesson.”

“It was a positive, uplifting presentation that I enjoyed and hope that others did as well. I especially enjoyed the part when he talked about taking responsibility for ones actions. In todays society, people tend to place blame on others before themselves. We want to come up with excuses instead of owning up to our faults. Also enjoyed when he touched on delegating. I think some of us try to take on too much in our professional and personal life that it can become overwhelming and stressful at times. Delegating tasks to others will improve morale and it is a good time management practice. We believe Ronnie brings great ideas and messages with him that we can all benefit from professionally and personally. Future workshops would be great.”